Community partner agencies

Browse the list of current community partners as a guide for internship placement. Talk to the Internship Coordinator about other options or alternative placement opportunities.

Become an internship agency 

Thank you for your interest in the CRJ Internship Program.  We believe the Internship Experience provides students with great opportunities to apply what they learn in the classroom.  It also provides a great opportunity to work side-by-side with professionals, like you, in the field of Criminal Justice. In collaboration with our hosting “Community Partner Agency,” students are able to fully expand their hands-on learning. 



Contact information is given here for our Community Partners who wish to change the data that is presented under our "Community Partner Agencies" section.

We make every effort possible to keep our list of Community Partners and their information up to date. If there is incorrect information posted, or if you have any other discrepancy, please email our internship coordinator:

Brooks Louton,

We will respond to your emails and update our website as soon as possible. 

Thank you very much for your support! Our community partners are the reason our program is 12th in the nation.