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MMIP: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples among ASU Students and Staff

What we are doing: The ROVV lab is conducting a comprehensive study on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples (MMIP) by surveying and interviewing with ASU Indigenous students to learn more about their victimization, MMIP, lived experiences, resiliency, and service needs. We are also interviewing ASU faculty/staff who serve our Indigenous students to learn more about their experiences, services, and needs. This work is funded by ASU’s Women and Philanthropy and we work in partnership with the ASU’s Office of American Indian Projects (OAIP), American Indian Student Support Services (AISSS), American Indian Services (AIS), and American Indian Policy Institute (AIPI).


How you can get involved: ASU Indigenous students who wish to participate in our anonymous survey may do so here:

At the conclusion of the survey, students will be invited to participate in a one-on-one interview with our Indigenous interviewer. ASU staff and faculty who work with and serve Indigenous ASU students and who would like to participate in a one-on-one interview, please contact Kayleigh Stanek ( Thank you!


Why it matters: Our initial study about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls revealed that Indigenous women and girls of college-age, in their 20s and 30s, were murdered more often than those of other ages. Therefore, our current study aims to fill the gap in knowledge about the needs and experiences of Indigenous college students by focus on ASU Indigenous students and the staff that serve this population. It is vital that ASU is providing the appropriate services to address the needs of our Indigenous students. We will submit our report to the university, which will show what university services and practices are working well, and which ones need to change.