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Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse our FAQ section to find answers to questions you might have. Please review all FAQs before contacting us.

What are the requirements for membership?

Undergraduate Students: Must have completed a minimum of 36 college credits that have been completed at ASU or transferred and accepted by ASU including a minimum of 12 credits in criminal justice or justice studies. All credits must have been obtained with a 3.2 GPA or higher in order to be considered. Students must have a minimum 3.2 overall GPA and a minimum 3.2 criminal justice GPA. Students must apply prior to their graduating semester.

Graduate Students: Must have a minimum of a 3.4 GPA or higher and have completed 12 or more graduate level credits in criminal justice. Students must apply prior to their graduating semester.

Law Students: Must have a 2.5 GPA or higher.


What does the application mean by # of Cumulative Courses Completed?

This is the number of classes. It is not the number of credits. For example, most classes are 3 credits each. So 12 completed credits would likely equal 4 classes. 


Can I join in the same semester that I graduate?

No, you must join the honor society, at least, one semester prior to your graduation from ASU and serve a minimum of two semesters as an active member of the chapter.

Is there a membership program for those who are not currently eligible for full membership?

Yes, those who do not currently meet the requirements for full membership may join as provisional members.

What is the provisional membership?

The provisional membership program is for freshman students and other students who do not currently meet the full requirements for membership. The program is meant as a step toward becoming a full member, and provisional members are expected to work towards meeting the full member requirements. Provisional members are not considered full members and do not receive the same benefits. However, provisional members may participate in all events and have access to tutoring and mentorship programs. Provisional membership is $20. Once provisional members apply for full membership, they will pay a $60 fee instead of the $80 fee. The provisional member application is located on the application page and is different from the full member application. Provisional members must also submit the background questionnaire and their current ASU unofficial transcripts.

What are the requirements to maintain membership?

All accepted members (including provisional) must complete a minimum of 3 hours of community service per semester and must report any negative actions taken against them by the university or a criminal court. Full members must also maintain the GPA requirement.

What do I need to submit in order to be considered for membership?

All applicants must complete the APS Application for membership along with the background questionnaire. Applications must be filled out and submitted in their current format and are not to copy and pasted to an email or altered. Applicants must submit their APS application for membership, APS background questionnaire, and a copy of their current unofficial ASU transcripts electronically via email and a hard-copy via mail or dropped off at the ASU Criminal Justice Department. All applicants must submit an $80 ($20 for provisional) membership fee with their hard-copy application packet. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Applications must be dropped off or mailed to:

Arizona State University                                                                       

School of Criminology and Criminal Justice                                                                 

Alpha Phi Sigma                                                                                                            

411 N. Central Avenue, Suite 600                                                                                

Phoenix, AZ 85004

Do you accept applications year round?

No, full member applications are only accepted during the application period and will not be reviewed or accepted if sent outside of this period. *Provisional membership applications may be submitted year round.

What is the application period?

The application period varies per semester but is normally open for a period of 30 days during the Spring and Fall semester. Updated dates will be posted on the website. 

Can my application be denied?

Yes, each application is reviewed in full. Meeting the basic requirements does not guarantee acceptance.  

I’m confused; the application says a different fee than what is listed.

The application fee is $80. The $50 fee noted on the application is the National fee. The local fee is $30. Thus, applicants must submit an $80 fee to be considered for membership. 

Can I list my membership on job applications before I am formerly accepted?

No, you are not a member until formally accepted by the National Office and notified of becoming a member by the chapter. Listing yourself as a member before being formally accepted will be grounds for denial of your application.

Can I join if I am an out of state online student?

Yes, online students are not treated any differently than on campus students. 

Where can I find the volunteer forms?

Volunteer forms are located on our website. Volunteer forms must be submitted by all members via email every semester.

 Where can I volunteer?

Anywhere that you choose as long as it is not a paid position or internship. We do not keep a list. All members including online students must locate a community service organization in their community to volunteer with.

How do I order graduation regalia?

The APS honors regalia ordering period typically opens up 30 days before graduation and is open for 10 days. An updated order sheet and guide will be emailed, and placed on our website as graduation nears. Members will have to submit a complete order sheet, regalia payment, volunteer verification, and their current unofficial ASU transcript during the announced regalia ordering time frame. Regalia orders are not accepted outside of the ordering time frame.

 Who processes applications and regalia? 

Chapter Officers who volunteer their time are the only persons who process all applications and regalia orders. If there were no chapter officers, then the chapter would not process either.

 How can I contact Alpha Phi Sigma?


Phone: 602-496-1773

Address: Arizona State University                                                                       

School of Criminology and Criminal Justice                                                                 

Alpha Phi Sigma                                                                                                           

411 N. Central Avenue, Suite 600                                                                                 

Phoenix, AZ 85004