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ASU Center for Correctional Solutions

Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program

The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program at Arizona State University brings together university students and incarcerated individuals to learn about issues of crime and justice over a full semester. The culmination of this community-based learning is an actionable project designed to improve our correctional system.

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"In Today, Out Tomorrow": Resources for Successful Re-Entry

The first ASU Inside-Out class believed that a better knowledge of available resources could help individuals stay out of prison. The class put together a website for incarcerated individuals who are soon to be released, complete with resources such as hotlines, employment opportunities, and tools for veterans.

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Impact of Crime on Victims (ICVC)

The Spring 2016 class was able to resurrect a popular program not offered in the prison in years: the Impact of Crime on Victims Class. This class is centered around restorative justice and those who choose to participate in the class listen to victims share their stories. 

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