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The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice boasts more than 2,500 alumni since the first degree in Administration of Justice was awarded in 1995 at the ASU West campus in Glendale. Under the leadership of College of Human Services Dean John Hepburn, the department that awarded undergraduate and graduate degrees was turned into a School in 2006. That's when noted criminologist Scott Decker was hired. Decker helped turn the University of Missouri- Saint Louis into one of the top five programs in the nation. Under Decker's leadership, the School saw unprecedented growth and the addition of renowned scholars including Cassia Spohn, one of the foremost authorities on criminal sentencing and Ron Simons whose is considered one of the leading scholars on research on genetics and crime.

The School moved to downtown Phoenix in 2008 as part of the ASU College of Service & Community Solutions and welcomed it's first PhD class the following year. In 2010, the School began offering an online undergraduate and graduate degree adding students from around the nation and world.  The School's online degree has been recognized as the top online criminal justice degree. 

The School encourages its alumni to play an active role in mentoring current students, speaking at School events, and joining other alumni to plan on and off-campus events. 

In January 2013, a new Alumni Board of Directors was created to help plan alumni events and opportunities. If you would like to receive notices about on and off campus learning and social opportunities, please email

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