Centers and Labs

Center for correctional solutions students

Center for Correctional Solutions

The Center for Correctional Solutions (CCS) enhances the lives of those living and working in our correctional system. We span the boundary between those who serve in corrections and those who are served. The goal: a just and fair approach to corrections that repairs harm, restores people, and promotes public safety. 

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Center for Public Criminology

The mission of the Center for Public Criminology is to make criminological research widely available in a form that can be consumed and used by multiple groups.

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Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety

The Watt Family Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety (CVPCS) specifically evaluates policies and programs, analyzes and evaluates patterns and causes of violence, develops strategies and programs, develops a clearinghouse of research reports and "best practice" models, educates, trains and provides technical assistance, and facilitates the development of and construction of databases.

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Public Safety Innovation (PSI) Lab

The Public Safety Innovation (PSI) Lab targets the key public safety challenges facing the nation and the world today. Relying on systematic research and evaluation, the Lab seeks to inform debates about reimagining public safety. The Lab’s research focuses on a variety of issues, including civil disturbances, pandemic response, violence prevention, and police officer health and wellness.

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Center for Problem-Oriented Policing

The Center for Problem-Oriented Policing (POP Center) works to advance the concept and practice of problem-oriented policing in open and democratic societies by making readily available information about ways in which police can more effectively address specific crime and disorder problems.

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Developmental Etiology of Externalizing Problems
(DEEP) Lab

The Developmental Etiology of Externalizing Problems (DEEP) lab focuses the precursors and outcomes associated with the development of antisocial (e.g., violence, theft) and substance using behaviors from childhood to adulthood, as well as evaluating the impact that early psychosocial interventions can have on these problems.

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Research on Violent Victimization (ROVV) Lab

The goal of the Research on Violent Victimization (ROVV) lab is to conduct research to promote safer and healthier communities. ROVV specializes in research on reducing victimization among underserved populations in partnership with American Indian and migrant communities. 

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