Children in the Law (CITL) Laboratory - young girl reaching for a book on a bookshelf

Children in the Law (CITL) Laboratory

The Children in the Law Laboratory engages in rigorous and interdisciplinary research that focuses on how children interact with the legal system.

Dr. Stolzenberg

Director’s Welcome Message

Welcome to the Children in the Law Laboratory. We study how children report maltreatment, as well as how their reports are investigated and prosecuted. In doing so, we look at children's forensic interviews with social workers and children's testimonies in criminal trials. We also interview real children in laboratory settings to assess how their development may relate to their reporting abilities and disclosure processes. The laboratory is very interdisciplinary, and has students from different "home" units (law, psychology, social work, criminology, the social sciences more broadly).

Dr. Stacia Stolzenberg Director, CITL Lab