Altering Administrative Segregation for Inmates and Staff

Center for Correctional Solutions

Project purpose: To assess the impact of living and working in restrictive housing on inmate and staff mental health.

Project period: January 2017 – June 2019

Project methods: Interviews with 300 incarcerated men in medium, close, and max custody at baseline, 6 months, and 12 months; Focus groups with officers working in medium, close, and max custody; Surveys with 200 officers working in medium, close, and max custody; Analyses with administrative data to document impact of restrictive housing on aggregate level outcomes

Project support: National Institute of Justice

Students: Caitlin Matekel, M.S. (Project Manager), Faith Gifford, M.S., Arynn Infante, M.S., Stephanie Morse, M.S.

Partners: Arizona Department of Corrections

Contact: For more information contact Caitlin Matekel at