Developmental Etiology of Externalizing Problems

Gun Carrying and Firearms

Factors Driving Gun Carrying and Firearm Violence in Urban Males

(Co-PIs: Dustin Pardini & Edward Mulvey)
Murder is the second leading cause of death among young males in the US, with most of these killings resulting from gun violence in urban minority communities. Yet, we have little definitive knowledge about what promotes or inhibits gun carrying and use; essential information for developing effective prevention and intervention programs.  This project addresses this limitation using data from two of the only longitudinal studies in existence that have annually assessed the potential drivers of gun carrying and use in urban males from early adolescence to the mid-20’s.  Complementary analyses with comparable measures will be used to examine the dynamic interplay between developmentally salient inter- and intra-individual risk factors that influence gun carrying and use.  Findings from project will help inform interventions designed to reduce gun violence by identifying what specific risk factors should be targeted, to whom certain types of interventions are most relevant, and the developmental point when specific interventions are most salient.