Center for Public Criminology

School of Criminology


Crime ranks among the most important and intractable problems in U.S. society. Issues related to crime and criminal justice receive significant attention from the research community. The Center for Public Criminology translates evidence-based knowledge into policy and disseminates that information to broad audiences.

The mission of the Center for Public Criminology is to make criminological research widely available in a form that can be consumed and used by multiple groups.

Our Goals:

  1. Translate research into meaningful information for policymakers and the general public.
  2. Publicize the results of that translation in multiple forums.
  3. Train a new generation of researchers to conduct translational research.

We make widespread research, projects and information readily available to constituents coming together from varied fields. For policymakers who hold the responsibility for charting criminal justice policy, the information helps guide judgement in an increasingly complex world. 

For practitioners, there is an increasing demand for accountability in the form of “evidence-based” or “best practices” interventions. We provide an approachable discussion of how these practices contribute to “evidence-based” or “best practices.”

For elected officials, many of whom embrace change but need evidence in support of their arguments, this comprehensive set of research and best practices provides just that.

For the general public, this forum provides information in an understandable, usable format. Similarly, we reach students who are also important participants in the political process now and in the future. Learning to use research-based evidence in a meaningful way is a valuable skill for participants in the civic process. 

Finally, those who produce research need support and direction in translating their research products into publicly consumable and influential products.