Full-Time Positions

We are currently hiring the following full-time positions:

Assistant Professor - Job # 16879

Assistant Professor, Homeland Security - Job # 16869

Lecturer - Job # 16867


2021-2022 Faculty Associate Pool 

At the present time, we seek to build a robust pool of people on whom we can call whenever part-time teaching opportunities arise.  Those persons interested in a Faculty Associate position should apply to each of the following pools for which they are qualified:

Faculty Associate Pool - Criminal Justice Systems, Job#16616, 2021-2022

Faculty Associate Pool - Criminological Theory, Methods & Policy, Job#16617, 2021-2022

Faculty Associate Pool - Forensic Scientific Criminal Investigations, Job#16615, 2021-2022

Faculty Associate Pool - Legal Aspects of Criminal Justice, Job#16618, 2021-2022

Faculty Associate Pool - Terrorism & Homeland Security, Job#16619, 2021-2022