Emergency Management and Homeland Security (MA)

This degree program provides students with skills and knowledge to manage and assume positions of leadership within the field of emergency management and homeland security. Concepts of public policy and management, science, technology, and criminal justice are blended together to enhance and foster critical thinking within the general field of study. Based upon integrative science, this degree transcends the confining boundaries of traditional programs and emphasizes the systems approach. More specifically, an all hazards and all-threats orientation provides the student with a generalist perspective which is critically important for today's and tomorrow's disaster managers.

Degree Awarded: 
Emergency Management and Homeland Security (MA)
College of Public Programs
Additional Program Fee: 
Second Language Requirement: 
Requirement description: 

Degree(s): Minimum of a Bachelor's degree in Criminology, Public Administration, Psychology, Sociology, Applied Sciences, or other related field.

GPA: Minimum of a 3.00 cumulative GPA (scale is 4.0=A) in the last 60 hours of a student's first bachelor's degree program.

English Proficiency Requirement for International Applicants: The English proficiency requirements are the same as the Graduate Education requirement.

Foreign Language Exam: Not required

Required Admission Examinations: None

Letters of Recommendation: Two

Other: Three years of experience in an emergency management or homeland security related field OR two years of experience in an emergency management or homeland security related field and an emergency management or homeland security related bachelor degree such as Emergency Management, Homeland Security, Public Safety, Military Science, Criminology, Public Administration, Applied Science.

Admission Requirements: 

Required Core Courses: 21 hours

PAF 520 OR PAF 503 Public Management OR Public Affairs 3
PAF 560 Community Resilience and Recovery 3
PAF 552 Integrated Emergency Management 3
PAF 554 Homeland Security 3
PAF 555 Information Technology in Emergency Management 3
PAF 561 Interoperability for Emergency Managers 3
SWG 579 Critical Incident Stress Management 3

Elective or Research Courses: 6 hours

Required Research Course:
CRJ 511 Applied Data Analysis in Criminal Justice 3
Electives (choose one):
PAF 506 Public Budgeting and Finance 3
PAF 507 Public Human Resource Management 3
PAF 553 Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction 3
CRJ 512 Seminar on Policing 3
CRJ 514 Seminar on Corrections 3
CRJ 516 Seminar in Criminal Justice Organization and Management 3
CRJ 520 Seminar on Violent Crime 3
CRJ 521 Seminar on the Nature of Crime 3
CRJ 522 Seminar on Gangs and Crime 3
CRJ 412 International Terrorism 3
CRJ 419 Domestic Terrorism 3
CRJ 598 Police and International Terrorism (Israel study abroad program) 3
NLM 545 Volunteer Resource Management 3

Culminating Experience: 3 hours

PAF 593 Applied Project OR CRJ 593 Applied Project 3

Total required credit hours: 30