Information for Current Members


Updated Volunteer Requirements:

Local (in-person) Alpha Phi Sigma members must complete a minimum of 6 hours of community service per semester. Online and out-of-state members must complete a minimum of 9 hours of community service per semester. APS members must submit the volunteer hours using the form below via email to each semester. All hours will be verified. Illegiblle, incomplete, and unsigned/forged forms will not be accepted. For consistency, volunteer forms should NOT be submitted in person or mailed. Failure to complete and submit volunteer hours every semester may result in removal from the honor society.

*In addition to volunteer hours, local members MUST attend 1 APS Chapter meeting and 2 events every semester. Online/out-of-state members must attend 1 APS Chapter meeting via Facebook Live.

Alpha Phi Sigma Volunteer Verification Form





 Honors Cord - $15.00 | Honors Medallion - $18.00 | Honors Stole - $35.00 | All items - $68.00


To graduate with Honors Regalia, members MUST submit the updated regalia order form (the link will be emailed closer to graduation), a copy of their current unofficial ASU transcripts, payment for the regalia items, and their APS Volunteer Verification Form showing current volunteer work. Members can be denied regalia if they have not previously submitted hours for all semesters they have been a member for / not attending meetings and events. All Volunteer work will be verified.  


Order Form:

The Regalia Order Form is a fillable PDF form and all student information MUST be typed. Access to the form for Spring 2019 was emailed on March 20th. Members may pick any number of regalia items they wish and do not have to order all items. Older versions of the form, handwritten notes, or orders not made on the correct form will not be accepted. The form will not be posted online. If you did not receive the email, please contact us immediately. 



We will only be accepting regalia order forms for a period of 2 weeks every Fall and Spring semester. Regalia for the Summer term is not typically performed. Your regalia order form and payment will need to be dropped off or mailed to our office no later than the deadline. Late paperwork/payment will not be accepted. The deadline for regalia for Spring 2019 is March 31, 2019. All items (mailed / emailed will need to be received no later than March 31st so that orders are processed on-time).


ASU Transcripts:

Along with the order form, you must submit a current PDF file of your ASU unofficial transcripts showing your current GPA. Transcripts can be located on your MyASU account. Students who are not meeting the GPA requirement will not be eligible to order regalia items. Both Undergraduate & Graduate students must have a 3.40 cumulative GPA and must be in good standing with ASU and this chapter.


Students must cover the cost of the items wished to purchase, plus the cost of shipping. The costs are located on the regalia order form, and are subject to change. Payments must be mailed or dropped off at our office:

Arizona State University

Attn: Alpha Phi Sigma

411 N. Central Ave, Suite 600

Phoenix, AZ 85004 

*Personal/cashier checks and money orders are the only forms of payment accepted.


Volunteer Form and Chapter Requirements:

Local (in-person) members must complete a minimum of 6 hours of community service per semester and attend at least 1 meeting and 2 chapter events. All online and out-of-state members must complete a minimum of 9 hours of community service per semester and attend at least 1 chapter meeting via Facebook Live to be in good standing and graduate with regalia. As such, members MUST submit volunteer forms EVERY SEMESTER to receive regalia. Volunteers forms that are submitted at once with regalia order forms will cause an application to be denied.


Notification and other information:

  • Once all regalia orders are processed, each student will be contacted via email.
  • Please note that incomplete order forms will NOT be accepted.
  • We will have our current Chapter Advisor sign the order form so students will NOT be required to do this.
  • All order forms will be mailed together - we will work deligently to process all orders.
  • Online/out-of-state students are eligible to have their regalia shipped directly to them (exceptions apply), however, local students MUST have regalia shipped to the University and then make arrangements with our chapter to pick it up prior to commencement/convocation. Online/out-of-state students will need to pay extra for regalia.


Membership Continuation:

Members must maintain their GPA and complete the minimum hours of community service per semester. Accepted members must immediately report a drop in their GPA that falls below the APS GPA requirement, discipline with ASU including being investigated or disciplined by ASU SRR, and negative contact with the criminal court system including arrests, criminal charges, criminal convictions (excluding traffic citations) that occur while a current member of Alpha Phi Sigma. Failure to report negative information or maintain volunteer requirements may result in suspension or removal from the honor society.