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Linda Bork, Andrew Hrynyshyn join school staff

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice welcomed two new staff members, student support specialist Linda Bork and Andrew Hrynyshyn, an administrative assistant for the school’s online program.  Both are Arizona State University graduate students. Andrew

Bork said she’s excited to be at the downtown campus after serving as an undergraduate admissions counselor at the West campus.

“West campus is beautiful, but it’s small and serene,” said Bork.  “I’m more of a city person, so I’m happy to be near the action where there are a lot more people.”

A native of Richmond, Va., Bork attended a small liberal arts college in upstate New York before transferring to ASU after her freshman year.

“It was freezing, it was very rural, very small and I was ready for something else,” Bork said.  “And I thought why not come out to Phoenix and go to ASU?”

Bork earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication.  She is scheduled to graduate in December with a Master of Science in Communication Studies from the ASU New College of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences. Bork said she would like to work with students as an advisor.

ActuallyAndrewHrynyshyn, (pronounced “HER-nih-shin") is pursuing a Master of Science Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice.  The Chandler native said he had always been interested in law and the legal system, and plans to pursue a PhD in criminology.

”I originally had goals to go to law school,” said Hrynyshyn.  “And since being in this program, I’ve really enjoyed learning about criminology--really enjoyed the staff and program.  And I think a PhD is a good fit.”

Hrynyshyn is also a good fit for the school’s online program.  He has experience working on websites and spent his first year taking graduate classes online.

“I think being a student in the program gives me a leg up,” Hrynyshyn said.  “Because I understand what works and what doesn’t work from the point of view as a student.”

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